Piggybacking on Part One of this short series, I want to continue in the direction of where we left off. Once you’ve had a few meetings with your prospective client(s) take some stock of your notes and recordings. Be sure to figure out what their purpose is for wanting to build or redesign their website.
I can nearly guarantee that no one who comes to you wanting a website truly wants one just to have one. If they are coming to you they have realized there is at least one business case to having a website and having one professionally made. Many times, though, you’ll have to figure out what those business needs are. This is where taking good notes and recording the conversations you have with your prospective clients will prove their worth.
Once you’ve nailed down these business needs, build some questions based around them. You want to dive deep into each one of these areas so you can better formulate a plan for their website. No one wants to spend thousands of dollars on something that doesn’t really do what they need it to do. Don’t be afraid to ask the hard questions about money. So good questions to get them thinking in the right frame of mind are:

What do you expect the impact of a new website to be for your company?

  • Do they want more patrons?
  • More traffic and sales to their webstore?

What will be a good indicator, in your mind(s), of a successful project?
At the end of 12 months, what do you anticipate to have gained from the Website?

Now you’ve got something to build a great proposal around.  Incorporate the answers to all your questions into your proposal. You could do them as deliverables or, what I tend to do, build them into the retrospective on why they are coming to you.  By building the elements of your conversations and deep dives into the proposal you are reinforcing the time you took to learn about their needs and truly understand what they need and why they need it.
But, why am I spending all this time on someone who might not become a client? Do you want to make more money? By becoming more knowledgeable about your clients needs, you are provided the perfect opportunity to begin making more money. Not only will inspiring trust help you get more clients, it will allow you to charge more. For those who are still worried that they are wasting time, you can build this time into your costs. Your time is precious, but so is everyone else’s. Keep that in mind.
If you haven’t read Part One, you can check it here: http://mattquirk.com/blog/get-more-clients-get-more-money-part-one/.