Writing for the Web can be daunting when you want to reach a ton of people. When we create content for mass consumption we need to keep in mind that the context of that content is of the utmost importance. It provides not only a reason for readers to interact with your thoughts, but also substantive words and imagery for the ever present search engine “robots”.

If you’re just starting out on the Web with your business you should understand why it’s so important to learn about the medium before just posting random thoughts to the world under your branding. Everything your business shares should be relevant to your clientele, prospective investors and most importantly, your audience.

So, what’s the point?

Begin with a reason. Simple, right? Yup. What I mean is to have a purpose for your the information you are posting. Many people get started on the Web by joining a social network like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. If you did, that’s great! But now you’re wanting to cultivate an audience. This is often a huge change of pace and one that needs to happen. When you’re learning a new anything, there is a period of time when you’re just trying things out. You don’t care about the outcome because it doesn’t matter yet. You need to learn! When you decide to create content for actual consumption, you now have a purpose. When you have a purpose you have the opportunity to create content that matters.

Before I begin, one very important note. None of the steps below matter at all unless you understand who your audience is. You must understand who will be digesting, interacting with, and sharing your content. Find your tribe and create for them, no one else. Never stray from your tribe and you will continue to be successful.

Now, let’s move on to the list!

5 things to remember when creating content for consumption:

 1. Start with a purpose.

The reason you’re writing the article should be the first and most important point in your process. Purpose can be synonymous with “goal”, but doesn’t have to be. If your purpose reinforces a goal that is great and should definitely be considered. However, first and foremost, you need a reason to write. Keep that reason in mind with every sentence, paragraph, image, video, audio clip you add to your article.

2. Open with your purpose.

This kind of relates back to writing thesis or reports in early schooling. You want anyone who reads the first paragraph of your article to understand what you’re going to be telling them about. Don’t beat around the bush with your content.

3. Provide context.

Whatever your purpose is for your content, without some context it will not mean much nor connect with your audience. Let’s say your audience is bakers who specialize in bread making and your purpose is to inform them of a new yeast that has very unique leavening properties. Your context might be geographical elevations between 1,000ft & 4,000ft above sea level. Specify that! Context is highly important to your audience.

4. Stay true to your content.

Sometimes when I find a good source of information on the Web for design, SEO, or something I’m passionate about, I get disenfranchised with that source when they muddle their messaging. Always keep your audience in mind when creating and publishing content. Don’t suddenly talk about politics if your audience is expecting accounting techniques.

5. Re-read & revise.

Everyone, especially myself, is guilty of clicking that Publish button as soon as we are done writing or creating. Cut it out. Take the time to read what you’ve written, look at what you’ve created, and always, always, always make sure that the content you are publishing to your audience is what they expect from you! If you’ve gone off on a tangent in the middle of an article, just cut that tangent. More than likely, your audience doesn’t care about your opinions, they care about your knowledge and information. Be confident in your messaging, make sure it reinforces your purpose and speaks to your audience, and most of all, edit it! I’ve edited this particular post over 10 times. There’s no shame it in.

I hope these steps help you in your business and connecting with your tribe!