Celebrate me with fun, pictures, & beers!

While the event has passed you can still enjoy the brew!

Please enjoy these photographs of beer. Thank you.

Our fun tasks for the evening:

  • Find a mustachio'd gent and get a picture with him. #mustachio

  • Sneak attack a photo with a girl whose bra strap is hanging out. #brasout

  • "I wear sunglasses at night." - Get a pic with a legitimate "Corey Hart". (Guy wearing sunglasses inside at night.) #sunglassesatnight

  • How do real men shave? They don't, they don't shave. Get a picture with a heartily bearded man. #beardedbliss

  • Damn girl, those are stripper shoes. Pic with a set of ridiculous women's shoes. #strippershoes

  • Who wears short shorts! Male or Female, just make sure cheeks are hanging out of them drawers. #shortshorts

  • Shoot it up. Take a shot with a stranger. #shotwithastranger

  • Are... Are you a lumberjack? Find a plaid shirt and snap a pic with the wearer. #lumberjack

  • Hey brah! Dude! Get your picture taken with a broheim wearing a tank top. #brotop

  • Now that's a dapper young gent (or lass)! Get a pic with bow-tie wearing man/woman. #tiedinabow

  • Quack quack! Find a lady stranger and do do the most amazing duck lips ever in a photo with her. #dotheduck